What is Soft Washing?

     We use a low-pressure Soft-Washing system comprised of multiple environmentally safe detergents and low pressure pumps to clean and rinse at minimal pressures. High-pressure is *not* used in our roof washing or house washing process. (Don’t ever let anyone clean your shingle roof or vinyl siding with *HIGH Pressure*!) Our Soft-Washing solutions are comprised of mildew-cides, algae-cides, soaps, & surfactants. These solutions are custom-mixed on-site to the specific needs of the surface to be cleaned.


     First, the solutions are applied thoroughly to the surfaces targeted and given time to kill the mold, mildew, algae and fungus deep at its roots. Then, we rinse the surfaces thoroughly with fresh water at garden hose pressures. We take great care of all plants and landscaping by thoroughly wetting them down and or covering them with plastic when necessary. Many companies claim to soft-wash surfaces. Make sure the company you choose has the experience & proper equipment to do the job safely.




Why is my roof so dirty?

     You might not want to hear it, but the answer is ALGAE!  Specifically, a primitive single-cell cyanobacteria organism called Gloeocapsa Magma. This airborne bacteria gets deposited on your roof from various different sources, but it's the heat and humidity, combined with the fiberglass and limestone filler components in your shingles that these bacteria FEED on.  It is the accumulation of dead colonies of these cyanobacteria that create visually dark streaks and stains on the shingles. This buildup holds water, as it stains and darkens your roof - which holds more HEAT. This combination can degrade the life of the shingle, so naturally, removing the stains improves the life of the shingles!


     We use a specially formulated mix of industrial-strength algaecides and surfactants to safely clean your shingles.  Once the algae is neutralized and rinsed, your roof will be transformed, and much healthier!  The process we use is recommended by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA).


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